FlashPoint: Evil Exposed! w/ Sean Feucht (June 20th 2023)



The Future Revealed During a Visit in Heaven

On May 15, 2023, while I was sitting alone with the Lord in my time of prayer, Holy Spirit took me up in the spirit realm to Heaven. I looked about and saw that I was sitting on the garden swing, between Father and Jesus, in the Garden of Glory.

Suddenly, the magnificent butterfly of change came before us. I looked at the butterfly closely and saw that its wings were the color of a brilliant rainbow, and the edges of its wings were lined with silver and gold. Jesus invited me to go with Him on a ride to see the changes that were already happening and will be coming to our nation and others.  Continue

Fr. Chad Ripperger: Satan Told Me That They Are Running Out Of Time – The World Is Changing Rapidly

The other morning, I heard the Lord say, "It may feel like you're standing in the midst of an earthquake of warfare, but rejoice! I am birthing mountain-moving movements."

In the spirit, I could see many who have been experiencing intense opposition hitting them on every side. They have been feeling like this warfare has really been shaking them this time, like the level of warfare and witchcraft coming against them is causing the very foundations of what God has spoken to them to shake. I saw many who have been feeling weary of the warfare and the battle. I saw many looking at the foundations and feeling like this level of warfare has been bringing cracks to the foundations of what God has spoken, bringing weariness, doubt, exhaustion—even despair for some.

I Saw Hammers in Their Hands  Continue

You have Authority | Bill Johnson | Bethel Church - 6 minutes

A few days ago, during worship, I went into a vision and I saw a person wrapped up in bandages standing in a tomb. I perceived this to be Lazarus because my spirit began to say, "Lazarus, come forth! Lazarus, come forth!"

Then the Spirit of God came upon me, and I began to prophesy: "People of God, it is time to emerge. It's time to leave the place that you have been in. It's time to leave the place of death that you have been dwelling in, for the season of death is over! The season of your seeds falling to the ground and dying is over! Continue

FlashPoint: (June 15th 2023)