Recently, I was getting ready to leave in the morning when I suddenly had a vision. In this vision, I was taken into a room that appeared to be inside a funeral home. Everyone was dressed in black clothes and packed in this room, standing shoulder to shoulder and facing the same direction. As I peered around, I saw a casket lying dead center at the front of the room. On this casket were written the words "spirit of religion."   Read more >>>

'I Saw the Real Hell': Michigan Priest Says Unforgiveness Sent Him on a Supernatural Visit to Hell - 5 minutes


Article dated: Monday, January 23, 2023

Dear Celebrating Ones:

A filling! A pouring out! A time to receive the ROAR of the Lion of Judah! Shevat Firstfruits Celebration was just amazing! In this month to "Let the River Flow," choose to tell the Lord you are jumping in! The Spirit of God is doing something as we allow His river to fill us. Don't be disillusioned over what didn't germinate or mature in the last season. What did not produce can flourish in new ways as His river rises.   Read more >>>

Bongino reveals why Democrats are 'terrified' of Biden classified docs


Receive One Another as God Has Received Us

God's beautiful family is amazingly diverse. Many nations, tribes, languages, and cultures make up the wondrous Body of Christ. For this reason, the Church is an opportunity for each one of us to mature. We must embrace each other's uniqueness and diversity. This requires love and grace.   Read more >>>


The End of The Beginning - Mario Murillo PROPHETIC WORD - h/t Denise H.E.

 "The Heirs Will Begin to Breathe Fresh Air" - Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets 

Word released on January 2, 2022: 

From Dutch Sheets: I hope you had a good Christmas, and hope that you had a happy and blessed New Year!

I always find the words sent by my brother, Tim, to be encouraging and instructive. This one, however, is exceptionally edifying. As the title suggests, it speaks of refreshing breath from Holy Spirit, and it also speaks of the Father's great plans for 2023. You'll be encouraged.

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Suffering and Ministry: A Quote by Charles Spurgeon (2 Minutes)