Which states are tax friendly?

This tax comparison calculator is designed to demonstrate how much money an individual, family or small business owner REALLY pays in government taxes. Results are based on combining state income taxes, federal income taxes, property taxes and sales tax with the "hidden taxes" on gasoline, licenses, cigarettes and alcohol. See how many days you must work (without pay) to meet these tax burdens. Determine which states are tax friendlier by clicking on column headings to sort by tax categories. This is helpful information when considering a job, or moving to, or doing business, in another state. Also, the information is a useful talking point when contacting your representatives to express your approval, or disapproval, of current and proposed taxes.

There are two calculators. The short form recognizes expenses based on U.S. Census Bureau statistical averages then calculates tax liability based on your salary (or net business income) and filing status. The expanded form below calculates taxes based on your actual expenses, salary (or net business income) and filing status.


Taxes: The long term cost of moving
Where do you now live or where would you like to live in the future?  
Gross wages or net business income:* $
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How many dependents?  
What is the value of your home? $
If you rent, how much will you pay for rent each month? $
How much are your utility bills per month, including telephone? $
What is your clothing allowance per month? $
How much do you spend on healthcare costs including insurance, services, medical supplies and prescriptions? $
How much do you spend for meals away from home each week ? $
How much do you spend on recreation each month? $
How much do you spend on other miscellaneous items/expenses each month? $
How many miles do you drive per year? Include your spouse and dependent children.  
What type of fuel do you use?  
On average, how many miles per gallon does your vehicle/vehicles get?  
What is the current pump price for gasoline or diesel fuel? $
Packs of cigarettes each day?  
How much do you spend on beer, wine and spirits each week? $
How much do you spend on vehicle purchases per month? $
How much do you spend on other vehicle expenses per month (excluding fuel) such as insurance, repairs, maintenance, vehicle rentals and licenses. $
How much do you spend each month on public transportation such as airline flights, taxis, trains, subways & buses? $
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Study Exercise

As a study exercise, note which states currently have the highest tax rates and then research whether or not these states have balanced budgets. Also note the general state of their economies and any population shifts. Based on your own research, form an opinion whether high taxes are beneficial or detrimental to you personally and to communities as a whole. Exercise your right as a citizen. Take action by writing one letter to legislators or by attending one function that supports your position. In a thoughtful way, let friends know if your position has changed and, if so, why. Encourage friends to do their own research and to share their discoveries with you.


* Net business income is the amount of money you pay taxes on after deducting business expenses. Another name for net income is "the bottom line".