What God Is Doing in the World

A Vision of a "Claw Machine" and a Dream of a Mega Tsunami:

I had a vision of a claw machine. A "claw machine" is a type of arcade game found in video arcades, malls or restaurants. The goal of the game is to manipulate the claw inside of the cabinet in order to grab a desired prize inside, which is then dispensed and collected by the player.

In my vision, the machine was filled with people sitting comfortably in a row. Then, out of no where, the claw started moving by itself, picking up those who seemed very comfortable and throwing them out of the game.   Read more >>>

Henry Gruver - Cities Destroyed (2013)


Dr Naomi Wolf: Children Under 12 Received Unlawful mRNA Vaccine

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Intro from Dr. Arleen Westerhof:

The European Prophetic Council (EPC) met in November 2022 to prophesy and to share what we were hearing from the Lord for 2023. Two things that make Europe unique is the number of countries (more than 40) and the number of languages (24 official languages, with more than 200 being spoken across the continent). This is why some European prophets are less well known to the English-speaking world. This year's word is a compilation of submissions from both well-recognized and less-recognized prophetic voices across the continent. Read more >>>

Tucker Carlson interviews Dr Aseem Malhotra on the corruption of medicine by Big Pharma

Deep Rest and Clarity

There is a fresh wind blowing. It is the fresh wind of His Spirit. It is not only a wind that will bring refreshment, healing, empowerment and strength, but it is a wind that will bring DEEP rest, DEEP clarity and a DEEP stirring of what He is breathing upon!

I had a vision, recently, where I saw many who were in their different seasons. But I noticed that the pressure of their seasons had been pushing on them – on every side – for a long time.   Read more >>>

I Had A Vision of MASSIVE Revival!... Dutch Sheets on FlashPoint (1/24/23) - 14 Min