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Project Veritas-LEAKED ALL HANDS CALL: PR Firm celebrates efforts to remove Trump from Colorado ballot

Grassley Releases FBI Doc on Biden Bribery Allegation

Pat Buchanan interviews Conservative Democrat Georgia Congressman Larry McDonald on the New World Order 4 months before being Killed (1983)

POLITICO ARTICLE (2018) DECRYING McDONALD as an "archconservative congressman who became a leader of the New Right." (McDonald was a Democrat)

Excerpt: "Loose talk of a “deep state” seeking to undermine the Trump administration and its allies has entered the political mainstream. Outlandish as the charge might be, we shouldn’t be surprised: Conspiratorial thinking has long had a grip on American politics, and warping effects."


Weber Shandwick Provides PR for Moderna and Pfizer, While Staffing the CDC’s Vaccine Office


China’s Cozy Relationship with Globalists - Angela Rodriguez - IFA



Video - Jan. 6th Capitol Protests