FlashPoint: Fasting for Justice! (January 11 2024)


FlashPoint: Epstein Revelations & More! (January 4th 2024)

Charlie Shamp: "A Season of Transformation & Rebirth Is Coming to America! - Charlie Shamp, Moravian Falls, NC - Jan 12, 2024

[Editor's note: Below are the notes that Charlie Shamp shared from during his recent interview on Elijah Streams. We encourage you to read through them and watch this episode right here.]

A Word for America 2024

Prophetic word released on December 31, 2023:

On December 30, 2023 at 4:51 AM, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "Fear not, for I am with you in this hour of uncertainty and turmoil. Though they speak of a red dawn and the day of the dragon, I declare to you that this is the day of the roar of the Lord. I am moving in power and authority to bring about justice and righteousness in your nation.

"Do not be swayed by the voices of fear and confusion. The enemy is busy at work sowing seeds of division and deception, but I am exposing the works of darkness. I am striking at the scales of justice, bringing to light the hidden agendas and schemes of the enemy.   continue reading >>>


by | Jan 10, 2024 | Mario Murillo Ministries | 99 comments

Donald Trump cannot save America. All the more reason to vote for him.

Christians who oppose Trump will say just the opposite. They will tell you not to vote for Trump because he cannot save America.

But then the believers who back Trump will say, ‘Vote for him because he can save the nation.’ It seems I disagree with everyone. But hold on.

Trump cannot save America because America’s crisis is supernatural.

America is perverted by demonic power.

Trump cannot save America because America’s crisis is supernatural. All of the players you see in power are just puppets belonging to the ruler of this world. Our national crises are just symptoms of a deeper condition. Satan and demonic rulers are behind it all.  continue reading >>>


Through all my years of prophetic dreaming, I’ve never received a dream that suggested anything about Jesus’ return or any specific event preceding it. What I HAVE been consistently shown is that the Church is going to go through some massive overhauls and major changes. I’ve never had clarity concerning how or where this would fit into any timeline. All I’ve known in my spirit is that the power and presence of the Lord is going to be experienced in unprecedented ways before His final return.

Then, last week I had a dream that was unlike any other. The Lord revealed His heart and His intention for the Body of Christ in these “last days” before the wedding of the Lamb…

In the dream It was clear that the Holy Spirit had been ministering to people throughout the entire congregation. I saw people gathered in groups and huddles around the room, praying together and in deep fellowship. ....   continue reading >>>


Sylvia Neusch: "Delight Once Again in the Richness from His Table!"

Recently, as I was spending time with the Lord, I saw God moving powerfully to release WAVES OF HUNGER for Him in many in the coming days. Hunger in the Kingdom is actually a good thing, and it is to be cultivated and desired. If we are not hungry, then we become unhealthy. This is true in the natural as well as in the spiritual.

A Loss of Spiritual Appetite

The enemy has sought to defeat the sons and daughters of God by drawing them away from true nourishment. I saw that many had lost their healthy hunger through disappointments, loss of vision, and hope deferred. When the mind is offended, the heart is soon to follow. When left unhealed, wounded hearts can result in a loss of spiritual appetite. Because of the lies believed, it can lead these hurting ones to a place where they no longer desire to take their seat at His table.  Continue reading >>>

What Does the Church Stand For?

January 3, 2024

What does the Church stand for? When placed in the context of the current events all around us, what does it (do we) stand for? If we have all the authority our Lord Jesus says that we do, then don't you think we should see much more positive impact on our society around us?

Shouldn't darkness be dispelled by His light in us? Do we have His authority or not? If yes, then why aren't we making an impact comparable to His authority and power?

It's wonderful to pray inside the walls of the Church or in the "safety" of our homes, "Father, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done..." But if we are not seeing His kingdom come or His will being done around us, then perhaps we as the Church are not standing up for His truth and righteousness as He deserves and expects. 


As we quickly approach the threshold of a new year, some are stepping into 2024 with a feeling of hope deferred. This year I’ve encountered person after person who is experiencing health problems seemingly out of nowhere. I’m experiencing it too.

I recently read a blog post by Wanda Alger that was quite enlightening. Her story is my story. She describes what the year 2023 has been for her. I read on in stunned silence. Later, as I read through some of the comments people had left her, I saw that many, many Christians have been facing these very same challenges.

It appears there has been an onslaught concerning health and wholeness against many in the Body of Christ. For most, it has not been just one thing, but rather one thing after another — with no apparent breakthrough in sight. Why is this happening?  read more >>>

Karen Hardin: "Uncharted Waters and Unexpected Transitions in This Kairos Season"

We are in a kairos moment. The question is what will we do with it? By definition, "kairos" is when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action. We are there.

Within this kairos season, there is much transition taking place—and there is a reason. God is moving people into positions we would never have sought or imagined but are necessary for this critical juncture in history. Is it because others, perhaps more qualified, were unwilling to fill these positions? Perhaps. I don't know. But here we are.   read more >>>