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This article by Jill Austin was originally posted on the Elijah List on January 4, 2007:

A Gambling Casino

I had an open vision and saw a gambling casino covering the earth. There were global players who were playing for the world's resources (like gold, silver, oil, and water). There were nations that had no problem committing genocide on a whole nation for their gold mines.

They were playing with cards – gambling and playing for high stakes. These players' faces were like dogs. They had thick collars on, with spikes, and they were smoking expensive cigars. They were laughing crudely, and they were drunk and drinking whiskey. The scene looked like one of the paintings by Coolidge, which show dogs gambling like men.

But then I saw Kingdom players of the Lord – a holy mafia that came and sat at the table to play for world resources. They were undetected; they were the Lord's "007 agents" playing a very deadly and dangerous game.

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Prophets and Patriots - Episode 44 with Juan O Savin and Steve Shultz - Brunson - Supreme Court

Tidbits- Obama appointee and Perkins Coie alumnus US District Judge John Tuchi granted the motion for sanctions filed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors against Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake utilizing all of the key leftist word salad we have come to love in the past 2 years...  “It is to make clear that the Court will not condone litigants ignoring the steps that Arizona has already taken toward [elections] and furthering false narratives that baselessly undermine public trust at a time of increasing disinformation about, and distrust in, the democratic process,” ....
Speaking of Perkins Coie alumnus Judge Tuchi - Perkins Coie represents the DNC, the Democratic Leadership Council, The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Of further note, Perkins Coie top attorney (there's 1200 or so of them all over the world) Hillary Clinton Campaign attorney, Michael Sussman, was indicted by Special Counsel John Durham for lying to the FBI and was subsequently found not guilty by a left leaning DC court and, coincidentally, another Barack Obama appointed judge.
Trust me. There's nothing to see here folks. It's all a distortion by right-wing, extremist, QAnon conspiracy theorists. Yep and like Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) once said, ya'all just bitter, gun clingers and religion clingers with antipathy to people who aren't like you." Wow Barry, you really nailed it. Trying to remember if you said that using your selective southern plantation drawl.

Juan O Savin SCOTUS Treason Charges for Congress

On November 1st, at 3:55 AM, the Lord awoke me with a thundering voice and said:

"I need you to rise up! Rise up! Rise up! Can't you see? He [the enemy] has made you believe that this is it—that you are done! He's making you forfeit what you have fought so hard for! You have been chosen for such a time as this! Have you forgotten what you have been through to be here? Have you forgotten all the victories you celebrated with Me? All the giants you have slayed with Me by your side?

"Open your mouth and speak! I can't do this for you. You have to rise up! I am your 'Mordecai' telling you to rise up, to put on your most beautiful regalia and present yourself to the King. You don't have to fear, My scepter is ALWAYS extended toward you. You don't need an invitation. My Son tore the curtain. He made it possible for you to enter My courts at any time! Are you going to let Haman's evil plans to destroy you come to pass, or are you going to rise up and use the authority I have placed in you to stop him? I am with you ALWAYS.

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