FlashPoint: Hollywood Doesn’t Want You to See… (July 13th, 2023) - Jim Caviezel - Eduardo Verástegui


Prophetic insights, prophecies and words of the Lord received on July 1, 2023:

Trusting in the Lord's Navigation

The GPS on our phones – we have a tendency to listen to the GPS and do what it says. When it tells us to make a turn, we make a turn. When it tells us to merge, we merge. Although my husband Chris, many times, has enjoyed trying to argue with the GPS (which has been a strange position for me to be in), for the most part, it gives a route and we follow it. And if we miss a turn, the GPS says, "Rerouting," and reroutes us to get to the same destination, although it may make our trip longer.

We have a tendency to trust the judgment of the "GPS" over the directions of Almighty God, who sees ALL things – every obstacle, every challenge, every event – and can navigate us accordingly. And if we take a wrong turn, make a wrong choice, go down the wrong road, the Lord will reroute us; and we may have to go a different way to get to the same destination. Though it may take a little longer, we will still reach it.  Continue







A MAN is raised up from the earth by two wings -- simplicity and purity. There must be simplicity in his intention and purity in his desires. Simplicity leads to God, purity embraces and enjoys Him.

If your heart is free from ill-ordered affection, no good deed will be difficult for you. If you aim at and seek after nothing but the pleasure of God and the welfare of your neighbor, you will enjoy freedom within.

 Are We Under Willful Deception? - Karen Hardin

Would any of us willfully be deceived? I’m sure we would all respond, “Of course not!”  But actually, the answer is “yes.” We all can, and probably have, been  willfully deceived—and this is how.

 A few years ago I experienced a deep betrayal by someone I had completely trusted. We had spent hours talking. They had been over for family functions. It was a close relationship. And then small red flags began to pop up—which I noticed, but because I trusted the individual—I realize now I ignored them.

I should have immediately begun to dig into those red flags. Had it been anyone else, I would have! The few questions I asked them were always explained away as if it was no big deal. And because I trusted them, I left it at that. To my own detriment.

Relationship Blinders  

Recently I heard the Lord speaking over His people, and He said these words: "I AM GOING TO BAPTIZE YOU IN AWE."

What struck me, immediately, was the word "baptize," as this signifies full immersion. I could hear the Lord's voice all around me, and He kept saying, "WATCH WHAT I AM GOING TO DO! WATCH WHAT I AM GOING TO DO."

I sensed so strongly that what we have seen God do, as glorious and wonderful as it has been, is nothing compared to what we are about to see. This incredible baptism into the awe of God is a move of His power that will restore the fear of God to the Church on a whole new level. The shaking is about to increase in a way we have never seen in the earth, and the glory of the Lord is going to be seen in unprecedented ways.  Continue

 "Move Forward! The 3 Months Leading to God's Reset" - Tim Sheets, Lebanon, Ohio

Prophetic word of the Lord from Tim Sheets received on Sunday, June 4th, in Middletown, Ohio:

I Will Have the Final Word

Holy Spirit said, "I will now deal with the oppressors of My people. I will move swiftly and with jealous aggression with My first responders. For I have heard their cries, and I will break the hold of the taskmaster's rule, though they bowed their necks in stubborn resistance. I will lead them with nose rings to their place of destruction. Like oxen to the slaughter, I will pull them to stalls of disgrace.

"The commanding influence of the oppressor's curse will break from the hearts of My people. The disheartening crack of the taskmaster's whip will no longer be heard by My sons and daughters. They will not carry the burden of their oppressors. They will not toil for their enemy's gain. They will not work as slaves of cultural brutality. They will not glean empty fields because they worship Me.   Continue

In the month of July, God is restoring lost things, dreams, and promises to people. He is showcasing His love in little ways, through seemingly insignificant details. He is releasing unexpected upgrades in multiple areas—including areas of authority and influence. And He is redeeming family lines and healing generational trauma. Lean into His presence and allow His goodness to lead you. Bless His name no matter what you're facing, and trust that He is working everything out for your good.

The Lost Has Been Found

"Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Doesn't she light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, 'Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.' In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents." (Luke 15:8-10)  Continue