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I have been missing from certain television shows. People are asking why. They deserve an answer but I was not ready to go public until now.

I still believe in these shows. And, I am deeply grateful for the strong support they have given to our tent crusades.

But I had to step away for two reasons.  You will notice that both reasons have only to do with soul winning.

1.  The harvest is so great that it is consuming all of my time. The despair in America runs so deep that 20% of our youth have frequent thoughts of suicide. Furthermore, 9% of them have actually attempted suicide. And fentanyl is killing our kids on a scale we have never known in America.

Lost souls are stampeding to the Tent to be saved. The harvest is so great that we have a critical shortage of workers to handle all of those who are coming to the Lord. This has placed severe demands on my schedule.   Read more >>>

It Will Cost You Everything - 11 Minutes


Wanda Alger

Jan 17

The Lord has called me to an extended fast this month and I have not been engaging on social media. It’s been a time of recalibration and preparation for what’s ahead. Just three days into my fast, I received two dreams that I believe is setting the spiritual bar for this coming year and reminding the Church of our commission.

In the first dream I was taken back to a very traditional church from my family’s past. The service had already started but there were only a few folding chairs set up in the middle of the sanctuary and a few folks standing around the sides. Though I heard a faint sound coming from the pulpit up front, I heard various people whispering in conversation and a few others just moving about. I was wondering if this was the actual church service, so I asked someone nearby. He said it was set up this way to provide for more social interaction. This way people could come and go as they liked and get to know each other. Though I was somewhat shocked by his answer, he was absolutely sincere - even though the church was practically empty.  Read more >>>


 "2023 Is Going to Reveal Hot Spots of My Glory" - Nate Johnston, Dallas, TX

Prophetic word released on December 16, 2022:

The Rise of a Holy Army

Last month, as I was driving, I went into a powerful vision. I was taken up in the spirit and I knew I was about to see the Lord revealing what was to come in the following year. This was the revelation I had been waiting for Him to drop into my spirit for months. I knew I didn't want to be focused on what the enemy was going to be doing, but I wanted enough intel and insight into his plans to be able to prepare to counteract them. My heart has been postured for months now, asking, "Lord, what are You up to? Where are You going? And how can I join You on the journey?"   Read more >>>

Oh, The Deep Love of Jesus - Epic Version!

 "The Year of the Shepherd" - Scott Flora, Kansas City, Missouri

Over a week ago, I began to ask the Lord what He wanted to tell me about the coming year. I felt the Lord say to me, "2023 is the year of the Shepherd. I am going to reveal to you Yeshua, the Shepherd. And based on this encounter, I'm going to reveal to you how I am forming a shepherd's heart in you.

Behold the Shepherd

"You become what you behold. Behold the Shepherd. I am raising you up as a shepherd, and I am raising up many shepherds who are after My heart. This next year of 2023 will be a year of emphasizing Psalm 23 for you and many others. You will gain an intimate knowledge of the Lord as your Shepherd. You will grow into a John chapter 10 'My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me' mantle. You will hear My voice more clearly than in previous seasons and learn to follow in My ways.   Read more >>>

Fr. Chad Ripperger on the State of Evil in the World - 41 mins