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City-by-City - Week #57  - Eyes Wide Open  - Karen Hardin
Dear City Intercessor,

It’s impossible not to address the situation in Afghanistan this week, nor some of the troubling issues it signals for America. This week’s preliminary information is long, and not meant to cause anyone to be fearful. Instead it is a word of warning to open our eyes to pray, be alert, be discerning and prepare.

By the time this is published there is just one day left on the timetable to rescue the Americans and our allies who are trapped behind enemy lines. But over the weekend, the airport was lost and with it any further strong hope of getting people out.

It is impossible to look at what has transpired and believe that it was just due to inept leadership. There are too many things that point otherwise. Remember actions are indicators. For example, we have always removed or destroyed military machines, weapons and ammunition before leaving a hostile area. By not doing so, it is clear that the billions of dollars of technology and weapons are being left as a gift to the Taliban along with the “humanitarian aid” which is NOT getting to the people of Afghanistan.

This past week while other countries have sent in teams to rescue their stranded citizens, Biden has refused. He also refused to let our military assist our people in country and those who helped us and were promised removal, with safe passage to the airports. It certainly appears he intentionally created the hostage situation with reports of perhaps as many as 40,000 left behind.

Ministries and individuals have had to bypass our own State Dept, raising their own funds, to try to do what our military should have done. (Many thanks to Glenn Beck, Kenneth Copeland Min, David Barton/Wallbuilders, Chris Robichaux and others who have been working behind the scenes to evacuate thousands—yet there are still thousands left.)

There are many more issues, but one of the most disturbing is that those who are getting out seem to be young Afghani men of fighting age filling our planes and flown back to America. Many of the planes seem to have no women, children or old men. Just strapping young men. We’ve now had seven months of open borders with millions of illegals and terrorists entering our country and transported to various states. This comes on the heels of 8 years of the Obama administration which resettled nearly 43,000 Somali refugees in the United States last year primarily in Minnesota. (Fact-checkers deny this but Washington Examiner and other conservative papers confirm it to be true. It is how Muslim extremist, Ilhan Omar was able to be voted in as a Congressional representative in Minnesota where they are also working to implement sharia law—on American soil.)




Father of truth, we appeal to You that we would clearly see the truth in our nation on this issue and more. Your word says that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom--may we have that fear of the Lord as we ask for wisdom in these days. May our leaders have the fear of the Lord and seek You for answers.

One journalist with a wealth of on-the-ground experience in the Middle East, and the strength to speak the truth is Lara Logan. Here is a post from her Facebook page, that outlines facts and questions that counter the narrative that is being put out there on Afghanistan.  As you read these points she makes, pray for these three things:

  1. Pray for Americans still trying to get out of Afghanistan.
  2. Pray for those pro-liberty Afghani citizens in danger in Afghanistan who are now being systematically executed by the Taliban.
  3. Pray for Lara Logan who is courageously speaking up about this situation and others that go against the legacy media talking points.

From Lara Logan:

Here are a few basic facts on where we are in Afghanistan to help you sort through the propaganda/spin:
– The US has the technological capability to wipe any enemy off the battlefield. This is obviously not being used – why not? Afghans know this and to them it is a clear indication that the US wants this outcome.
– There has never been a defeat of this nature in the history of the US because this one comes with the shame of betrayal, written in the blood of our allies and innocent Afghans. It has been engineered by the US and the US is pushing this forward still, in spite of the chaos and the criticism. Actions speak louder than words.
– The natural conclusion Afghans and every other US ally draws from this is that the US is weak – not in capability – but in terms of political will.
– The only thing standing between the US as the world’s superpower and the total end of US power/authority is the US itself – American political leadership on both sides of the aisle. One side hates America as much as their enemies and is driving this – the other has rolled over and/or is actively complicit – the effect is the same.  READ MORE >>>

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Eighteenth century Irish statesman, Edmund Burke, once said, “There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men”.

Joe Biden is not responsible for Kabul. Biden has dementia. He’s incapacitated. Others planned Kabul. Failure was predetermined. They will blame Biden. The planners will call for Biden to step down. They will install Harris.

That was yesterday, and today. 

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