Nate Johnston: "Your Promotion in the Midst of Warfare"

Earlier in the week, as I was praying, I kept seeing this vision of people with targets that were painted on their backs, and they were unaware; and they had these huge sickle-type instruments in their hands, and they were creating paths and slashing through the scrub and bush of untouched terrain.  Continue >>>

The Imitation of Christ

by Thomas à Kempis


Of seeking peace of mind and of spiritual progress

Mandy Woodhouse: "The Master and the Exchange"

I had a prophetic dream in early October that I have been pondering for weeks now. It deeply impacted the way that I see the Father, but it has also altered the way that I interact with Him daily. I felt to share the dream here, along with a few brief thoughts, and I pray that it will impact your heart to the depths that it pierced mine.  Continue reading >>> 

Discerning or Deceived? - Karen Hardin

November 15, 2023

A friend called and gave me very disturbing news. A leader in our city was at a meeting and spent the entire time badmouthing another top leader. She spent over an hour stirring up strife, trying to spark people to take action against the leader. What was worse, according to my friend, everything the individual shared was false!

The Imitation of Christ

by Thomas à Kempis


Of the danger of superfluity of words

Nathan Shaw: "The Middle East: Speak God's Destiny Over These Nations!"

God has a profound love for the nations of the Middle East. Recently He spoke to me: "Something profound and unexpected will happen in the Middle East. I am shaking the grip of blinding mindsets off nations given to terror. I have not destined these nations for terror—that is the work of the enemy. Governments and organizations will be shaken. Nations will be transformed by My glory."   Continue >>>

Dutch Sheets & Jane Hamon: "Ekklesia, Hold the Line! - Advance in the Midst of Darkness!"

Intro from Dutch Sheets: Our friend and seasoned prophet, Jane Hamon, released the following word in February of 2021. I realize it was for then, but I am confident the word is also for now. It will encourage you during this time as the unrest here in America and elsewhere increases.  Continue reading >>>

The Imitation of Christ

by Thomas à Kempis


Of Obedience and Subjection