"The Dawn of Revival: A Heavy Wind Is Beginning to Blow!" - Kathi Pelton, Portland, Oregon

Twenty-five years ago, I went through a personal "dark night of the soul" that I honestly did not know if I would be able to survive. It was the hardest thing that I had ever faced. In 2000, I was beginning to awaken from this darkness to see the light of dawn peeking over the horizon of my life.  Read more >>>

Something TERRIFYING Happened at the Super Bowl...

 "Receiving Your Generational Mantles!" - Melissa Nordell, Visalia, CA

A Godly Heritage

Many years ago, I was called to intercede for our church worship team who was part of a big event in Northern California, so I flew to Oakland airport, rented a car and headed up that way. While driving, the Lord pointed out that on my right was the church where my parents had met and married. I wondered exactly why He was pointing this out, as I was intent on interceding. Suddenly, the Lord said, "Ask for the mantles of your relatives who have gone on before."   Read more >>>

David Wilkerson - Time To Get Right With God - Inspirational - 15 minutes

I heard the Lord say, "Look with eyes of faith and allow your hope to arise for all I have spoken. This is truly the season for great expectation. Those who have great expectation are those who have great faith. They stand on My Word and My report, and not the report of the world or their surroundings.Read more >>>

Tony Evans' Powerful Sermon - Choose to Show Up | Kingdom Men Rising Excerpt - 4 minutes

 "Taking Down Giants! A Time of Jubilee!" - Christy Johnston, Dallas, Texas - 9 min read

On Sunday, the 22nd of January, 2023 (the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade), I believe we crossed over into a long-awaited promise of Jubilee. For 50 long years, innocent blood has stained the land of the United States of America. The bloodshed has been so vast, so unprecedented, that there is no genocide that rivals it. If we could see in the spirit, our eyes would be overcome at the sight of rivers of blood from the little ones, rushing down every street and crevice across America.  Read more >>>

What Love Is... What’s the Big Deal with Marriage? - Catholic Vote - 4 mins