January 4, 2023

Dear Carol,  


What is God saying for 2023? Before I listen to what others might be saying, I prefer to get alone with God to hear what He is saying. I want to have a “blank slate” as I listen for His voice and what He wants to speak.


Seeking the Lord to hear Him for ourselves should ALWAYS be where we begin. However, the popularity of the prophetic has become so “vogue” the last several years that it feels almost like some use it like a “Christian horoscope.” Running after the latest update from so-called prophets and avoiding spending quality time reading our own Bibles and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit is no different than spiritual adultery.

Prophetic words from others should not be our guide. They should be confirmations of what the Holy Spirit is already speaking. And what He speaks will always align with His Word.

 FlashPoint (January 3rd 2023) BE WHO YOU ARE CALLED TO BE

Prophetic word received on December 26, 2022:

The Captain of Angel Armies Is About to Act! 

Today was notably different—another defining moment I will never forget. As I entered my prayer closet and began to sit before the Father, I literally felt the burning of the LORD's wrath!

It is hard to explain, but it was as if I was encountering a facet, or a dimension, of His character that I had not encountered before. It was a deep and reverential place; a holy and sacred place. I can only liken it to a court room experience or encounter. But the atmosphere was weighty. The only word to describe what I felt is "imminent."

The Captain of angel armies is about to act! Lights! Camera! Action! The curtain is about to lift! The final act is about to unfold before the eyes of all nations! Heaven is about to invade the earth realm!

I Will Use the Chaldeans! I Will Use the Wicked to Destroy the Wicked!

Then, suddenly, I heard these words: "Watch! For I will use the Chaldeans!"

As I heard this, suddenly I felt the Spirit of the fear of the Lord fall. I can only describe it this way: The moment I heard, "I will use the Chaldeans," I literally saw angels stand to attention! A holy hush fell upon the heavens...a divine, pregnant pause before a powerful demonstration and manifestation of the glory, power and kingly authority of the King of kings on full display. The earth was about to see God do something we have never seen before.  Read more>>>

Looking at the Hour of Judgment - Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Warning! Alert! Three Monsters Are on the Loose!

What I am going to share is common knowledge to us all. But I am compelled to issue a warning—this is an alert!

As a watchman, I have been alerted about these spiritual gateways that have been opened.

1. Transgender Exploits Are Being Released in the Public Arena and in Our Public Schools

 This is an outright offense. It is an offense to God. It is an offense to our education systems. It is an offense to parents.

A demonic gateway has been opened upon an entire generation of children, and it is not subliminal. An outright monster is being released, exposing children as though this activity is to be accepted as normal. Transgenderism is not normal. It is abnormal, it is demonic, and it is being put right in the faces of our children to accept and receive. It is wrong.

It is vital for people to arise, go to their school boards, talk to their teachers, and get this out of our schools. A blatant demonic gateway has been opened.  Read more >>>

When I Asked Jesus Why Christmas Felt Different, He Gave This Word... Adele Grobler

Dreams of Awakening by Gina Gholston

 Gina says:

"I once had a dream where I saw an old quill pen being dipped into ink and writing on a piece of parchment. I remember seeing the long feather's movement as the hand holding the pen began to write these words: 'The Ekklesia army is being summoned to take its position, to legislate and enforce God's verdicts and carry out His assignments.' (Photo of Gina Gholston)

"The Church is called for more than just Sunday meetings and social gatherings. We are the Body of Christ. As each member does its part, we contribute to the overall function of the Body. As we yield ourselves to Christ, He works through us to fulfill His purposes. His intention was never that the Church operate in a lifeless 'form' of Christianity. We are His witnesses and, as such, called to make Him known. His desire is for us to know Christ and be like Him, clothed in His righteousness and functioning in His victorious power.

"In another dream, I was with many intercessors gathered in a field, all on horses. It was like a movie scene of a leader rallying his troops. Dutch Sheets was there praying over this team. Then my friend, Dr. Don Lynch (who is now in Heaven), rode out in front of us and began to declare the word 'Victory!' several times. He then began to weep and said, 'Our victory is secured!' Dr. Don held up a silver coin and said, 'We are not fighting FOR victory; we are fighting WITH victory!'  Read more >>>

Vision Conference | Friday Morning Session - Rick Joyner - MorningStar Ministries -

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