A Dream of Lou Engle and Intercessors

On October 14, I had a dream. In the dream, I was standing in a city square at night. Lou Engle (from The Send) was there, along with a group of his intercessors.

The Spirit of God was all over Lou as he rocked back and forth under the anointing. His intercessors circled around and held out a scroll. I knew that this was what they had all been faithfully contending for through prayer and fasting. With urgency and excitement, they began to share the message that was written on this scroll. I knew they were holding a prophecy that specifically had to do with the state of our nation: revival that would birth the new Jesus People Movement, and the ending of abortion. (Photo of Lou Engle)

They all began to share, in unison, the prophecy that was written on this scroll. I knew that this prophecy included not only myself, but other revivalists like me, as we are part of the storyline that will bring about the fulfillment of this word.

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