"A Flood of God's Glory Shall Cover the Earth!" Hank Kunneman, Omaha, NE

Word of the Lord released on November 21, 2021:

God's Hand Upon the Children of This Prophetic Generation

The Spirit of the Lord says, "Before your election of 2020, I spoke to you and I declared to you that the election would be dedicated to the honor of My Son, Yeshua. And I said, before your election, that it would be dedicated to your children."

God says, "Now I speak to you so that you may understand why these words were uttered by the Living God. It is because I know the future as the Alpha and the Omega. I know the end, and I knew, and I know, what would take place upon the land of the United States, and how it would affect your children and not just your election.

"Therefore, listen closely...for it was a young lad, a child, that stood up in the days [when] a whole nation was terrorized by the Philistines, but one Goliath. Yet, the mighty soldiers [with] their armory, and even their leader, would not stand in that moment to defy. Yet there was a child, a 'David,' who arose with My hand upon him, who said, 'Is there not a cause?' So, this once again shall be seen upon this generation. The young shall arise, and they shall be part of a cause. Not the weaponry of your military might, nor even your leaders who are hesitant [shall do this], but it shall be the children that I will use to cut off the agenda of evil spirits that have tried to attack this nation. (Photo via Unsplash)  Continue Reading >>>

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