Esther's Preparation for Authority

During a devotional time with the Lord, God began to open certain aspects of Esther's story to me. I have taught many times on the story of Esther, as have many other people, and I have tended to focus only on certain chapters. I've focused primarily on chapter 4, where she courageously makes the decision to go before the king despite protocol stating that unless the king put forth his scepter, her death would be guaranteed.

Esther made the decision to risk her life for the cause of her people and said those famous words, "If I perish, I perish!" (See Esther 4:16.) Both Esther and Mordecai received great favor because of their obedience to God. That morning, however, God began to highlight to me the process Esther went through before she was chosen to be queen.   READ MORE AT ELIJAH LIST >>>