I wanted to share these two words with you today to invite you to declare that your city shall be a city of light – set apart unto God. I also wanted to remind you that this is biblical. We know the story of the children of Israel being delivered from bondage. But did you realize, all the plagues that happened in Egypt did not happen in the city where God’s people lived? In Goshen. It’s true. It was a city set apart unto God. When it was darkest in Egypt, there remained light in Goshen (Exodus 10).

 I don’t know about you, but I am determined for my city to become a city of light. Therefore, I am declaring this daily, and I didn’t stop there. I sowed a seed and named it Dayton, a city of light. I invite you to do the same thing today.

Friends, God has a good plan for us – one with a hope and a future and part of that hope is that OUR city will be a city of light – won’t you join me in proclaiming your city is indeed one of those.

 Father, I declare over my city (name your city and those you are standing for) to be a city of light in which there is little crime and little sickness, if any. We take hold of that prophetic word and we claim it for our this city. We declare crime is decreasing. The murder rate is going down. That this city and the homes in it are a peaceable habitation and a quiet resting place. That we are known as a city of light and our light cannot be hidden.

 I declare that (city) is a point of light and intercession and that from this city revival will arise and spread as a fire into the surrounding cities and across my state. You said that every place the sole of my foot has tread that You have given it to me. And so I declare this as my right and inheritance and declare my city is a city of righteousness. A place of healing. A place of revival.

 I declare that in (city) Mayor (name) leads with integrity and will walk in the light. I declare that over our police force and first responders, our city councilors, our school boards, principals, pastors and teachers, our justices, our congressional leaders for my city and (name your state). May the conviction of the Holy Spirit hit their hearts so that they will be convicted by the spirit of any corruption, illegalities or walking the fence. If they will not allow the Holy Spirit to convict them and change them, then may the law do it. And may they be replaced with those who will fear Your name.

 We declare that those who stand for righteousness will receive honor, but the name of the wicked will disappear and be no more. That the hidden things of darkness will be exposed as light shines in (city) and that there will be an overwhelming hunger for the things of God. I declare in (city) that Your Word is exalted and is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. My city and its people do not walk in darkness for Your Word is exalted in this place. I declare that all pride and deception be vanquished so that all can see and know You.

 In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence and Your children will have refuge. I declare (city) is a place of safety and refuge. It is a city of light that shines in the darkness. It is a beacon of hope that beckons others to come into the light. For the light of the righteous shines brightly, but the lamp of the wicked is snuffed out.

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Is. 32:18, Joshua 1:3, John 16:8, Luke 12:2, Psalm 119:105, Prov 14:26, Prov 13:9

 Standing together,   

Karen Hardin

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