"Lift Up Your Eyes! Your 'Dragonflies' Are On the Way!"

Mandy Woodhouse, Brisbane, Australia

Prophetic word released on September 5, 2021:

Yesterday in my prayer room, I was allowing the Father to just love on me. Feeling overwhelmed, pressed, and slightly anxious, I knew what I needed was His love alone to wash over me and give me new perspective.

While in this place of encountering His steadfast love, I went into a vision. I saw all around me green vines and leaves, and as odd as it sounds, I knew that I was a fruit of some sort, attached to the vine. I could feel life flowing from the vine into me, yet I still felt a little like I was tender and drooping – perhaps a bit wilted after a long, scorching season. I was definitely attached to the vine (John 15) and the colors of my fruit were still quite vivid, but I had a feeling of being tired and emotionally depleted.  MORE >>

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