But why are we here?

And who then is responsible for Kabul? Who is utterly responsible for the deaths of innocent children, for the deaths of wives, for the deaths of husbands and fathers and mothers, and grandparents and neighbors? Who is responsible for the deaths of the “friends” of the United States and for the looming deaths of 15,000 “trapped” American contractors and missionary families? Who is responsible for the desperate, grieving wives and children of the American contractors who will never see their husbands or dads again?  Who?

Are cunning actors responsible? Are evil despots responsible? Despots indeed, and cunning, and responsible.

And who are these cunning and despots?

Whitmer is, and Benson, and Evers, and Kemp and Raffensperger and Wolf and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Next comes feckless judges and Barr and many “watchmen”, the Shirkey’s and the McBroom’s. Ambitious and greedy sellouts all to the demon inspired corruption of the Clinton, Gates and Soros types, the self-proclaimed “annointed elite”.  

Yes. This is Truth.

But for these evil, we had not been here, and the innocent had lived.

And the blood of innocents cries out from the ground!

“United” States”?

Lord, bring this evil to justice. Your Mercy is severe. May some repent before it’s too late.

Monday, 20 September 2021 07:34

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