"Expect the Blessings of God to Overtake You!"

God Has an Inheritance for You

Darren Canning, Ontario, Canada

God is ultimately a God of blessing. He does not want to operate harshly upon His creation. He created you and I, and everyone in this earth, so that He could be a doting Father to us. He is a good God who provides beautifully for His children, giving us good gifts, and He wants to give us an inheritance. Psalm 47:4 says, "He will choose our inheritance for us..."

I live within the inheritance of the Lord. His abundance in my life is something that I now expect because He loves me, and I can feel it. I have seen Him increase me time and time again in many ways. When my enemies come against me, He subdues them. This has happened many times, and I am stronger as a result.

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