November 15, 2023

Discerning or Deceived?
     A friend called and gave me very disturbing news. A leader in our city was at a meeting and spent the entire time badmouthing another top leader. She spent over an hour stirring up strife, trying to spark people to take action against the leader. What was worse, according to my friend, everything the individual shared was false!
     We are living in a day in which betrayal, misinformation, lies and deception abound.
     Consider the following news headlines:

  •  “All the Ways Trump Tried to Overturn the Election — and How It Could Happen Again”
  • “Oklahoma Schools Boss Reaches Screwball Territory With China Conspiracy Theory”
  •  “International House of Prayer Leaders Admit Allegations Against Mike Bickle Include ‘Sexual Immorality’”

      Each of those headlines was written with the intent of creating a thought and offense.
     NOTE: Regarding Pastor Mike Bickle, I want to be very careful. There has been nothing proven—just an accusation. It’s important to note that the headline about him “admit allegations” would lead some to believe he admitted to sexual immorality. Read it again. It doesn’t say that at all. The headlines themselves are intended to plant an idea. Don’t take the bait!
     The media, our government, Tik Tok, you name it, have made it their goal to stir offense in our hearts to cause division and discredit people in order to silence them.
     Why? Because Satan’s tactic is to provoke people to rise up against those who are effectively working to expose evil, remove corruption and bring truth. For example, here are names of three individuals (there are many I could have used) which have had attacks unleashed against them with the sole purpose of removing them from leadership.

  • President Donald Trump
  • Oklahoma Superintendent of Education Ryan Walters
  • Pastor Mike Bickle

      As you read those names did anger arise in you? Let me gently say, if so, it is a sign that offense has taken root to some degree in your heart. In order to have eyes of discernment we HAVE to first refuse offense.
     Note: I am not defending the actions of anyone. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There is no perfect person. I am not excusing any wrongful actions. Because let’s face it, as a leader especially, there will be mistakes, but there will ALSO be false accusations.
     Remember in the first paragraph, a leader spent their time spreading their offense, but everything they were sharing was fake news. They hadn’t gone to the individual, as the Bible instructs, to find out. They had become Satan’s tool.
We Need Discernment
     How can we remain discerning in times of fake news, misinformation and outright lies? By refusing to allow offense to take hold in our hearts. Offense always opens the door to deception and it will skew our discernment. It is dangerous if we allow it entry.
     On the reverse, we also can take offense, if we feel someone is trying to discredit a leader we like or believe in. That can be equally harmful. It is called “relational deception.” Where we remain “loyal to a fault” and refuse to acknowledge red flags of warning about someone.
    Do you see how difficult this is? What are we to believe? How can we know the truth and how do we stay out of offense and in discernment?
     When we possess discernment, it makes us question when we see accusations made against someone, but where the same standard isn’t applied to others. Example: Trump possessed classified documents and they tried to indict him. Biden was also found with classified documents in 4 locations, but there was no indictment, no investigation. Discernment tells us something is very wrong there.
     Whenever there are two scales of justice, discernment tells us it is a spiritual and intentional attack.
     The Bible says to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. We must not quickly move to take sides when there are accusations made against someone, but use it as a platform for prayer for when we take offense and repeat the accusations, we then align ourselves with the accuser of the brethren, Satan (Revelation 12:10).
     Yes, there are times in which we are to call out error and evil. But it is never the first step. More often than not, God shows us something so we will pray for those involved. Proverbs 4:20 reminds us to “Guard our heart with all diligence…”

     The next few months look as if they are going to be turbulent in our nation. We cannot afford to be in offense and lose our discernment. Let’s not take the bait, but stand in prayer.
     For additional information on how to walk in discernment and stay free from offense and deception, get a copy of “Infected: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity” in the offer below.
For the Glory of the Lord!

Kevin & Karen Hardin

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