"A Remnant Arising That Know Who They Are!"  -  Mandy Woodhouse, Adelaide, Australia

In the month of July 2023, I had three dreams that I believe contain a message for the Body of Christ.  

 Dream One: In the first dream, there was a remnant army that had arisen and was marching toward a large darkness. Along the path where they marched stood tall walls, and people were lining the walls who refused to march with the remnant, though they could have joined. They even used misdirection tactics and some low-key heckling to try and persuade the remnant that there was no need to march on. The people on the walls began to yell out and try to cause some in the remnant army to redirect their attention to what was going on behind the walls, enclosed safely in their camps. Several in the army marching on the side began to look more at the ones on the wall than looking at what was ahead, and thus tripped on their own feet and fell.    Continue