March 15, 2023
Last week Karen took a Destiny Builder’s prayer team to the Oklahoma State Capitol to have lunch with some of our courageous and godly legislators. While we went to encourage and pray with them, our team said THEY were the ones encouraged by the strength, determination and courage of these bold men and women. Almost every state has a remnant of godly legislators that need us lifting up their arms in prayer as Aaron and Hur did for Moses. (Our federal leaders as well.)
Here are some takeaways from a team member and some prayer points:
From intercessor Christina:
“We were going to walk around the building and pray, and read out loud the Clay Nash prophecy (CLICK HERE to read Clay Nash prophecy about Oklahoma.) But instead, we decreed it in the office of the State Treasurer. As I was praying on the way home, I saw God’s wisdom and orchestration in this. We declared God‘s intentions for Oklahoma in the office of a high ranking (man in authority) man who believes that Oklahoma is the “buckle of the Bible Belt” and will be used by God. As the treasurer stated “the other states are looking on.”
In the highest office of the state, over issues of finance, we declared God rules. Not man or money or influence or power. God. Period. This effectively closes the gates to the enemy’s influences thru money. Prayer will continue to keep it closed. Our prayers today were big, effective and powerful because of the Lord Almighty who stood over them.
We will become the state that will influence the nation by bringing forth a new model of the Spirit and a new sound. We will pour out His new wine and His healing and many will taste and see God’s goodness. We will become a state on the front burner, burning bright for God’s glory.
You Can Do This Too!
You can do this in your state as well. Go. Pray for your legislators. If there are no godly legislators to stand with and pray with, then walk the Capitol grounds and stake out the land for “every place the sole of your foot has tread, He has given it to you.”
Here are some additional prayer points:
1. Whoever has the most money wins by power.
Pray that the sources of dark money and the funding that feeds into all evil things will be cut off.
2. Bills that are being stalled in committee and never make it to a vote.
Pray for an increase in exposure and for more arms of the state government to be created that exposes what is happening in the legislature so citizens can speak up and put pressure where it is needed.
3. Bills that are blocked simply because the author is firmly for Christ and conservative values.
Pray against the chokehold that is over the righteous so that they may rule for the Lord freely. I believe the Lord can and is willing to do all these things, above even what we can ask.
In Christ,

Kevin & Karen

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