Recently, I had a dream that I was sitting across the table from a prophet and we were having a discussion about the season we are currently in.

What struck me was the level of creativity that this particular prophet carried. As we discussed the new era, I responded to all they were saying by saying, "YES! We are in a time, right now, of ONLY GOD." I knew in the dream that the Lord was speaking about the unprecedented miracles and demonstrations of His power.

I felt a strong sense in the atmosphere that if God doesn't show up, then the "impossibilities" won't move. There is nothing that can be done in man's strength to shift the impossible.

My heart was so excited in the dream because I knew the Lord was speaking of the time we are in now—a season of seeing demonstrations and a level of His power that we have not seen before. This is a time where the faithfulness of the Lord is going to resound LOUDLY in the earth. He is going to show Himself as FAITHFUL. He is going to show Himself as the One who never changes and the One who is GOOD and faithful to accomplish that which He has spoken and promised.


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